Tork Motors starts Delivering Bikes in special package

Pune-based electric vehicle new business Tork Motors sent off its electric bikes Tork Kratos and Tork Kratos R recently. Alongside lively looks and most recent highlights, the conveyances of these electric bicycles with a decent reach have likewise begun in Pune.

In the midst of this, the organization has shared an extremely exceptional video on YouTube, in which Kapil Shelke, Finder and CEO of Torque Motors, conveys Torque Kratos himself in a one of a kind style by visiting the client’s home. The most unique thing in this video is that the Torque Kratos bicycle was kept inside an exceptionally lovely bundle like a package.

Exceptional conveyance video

In a video shared by Torque Motors, it tends to be perceived how Kapil Shelke, CEO, Torque Motors, leaves his home and connects a Torque Kratos-loaded package box transporter to the back of his vehicle and afterward drives the electric bicycle himself.

Convey to client’s home. On the way, the eyes of thousands of individuals stop on this bicycle and everybody needs to be familiar with it. Its highlights were additionally told in the container of the bicycle. Allow us to advise here that 20 units regarding Torque Kratos and Kratos R were conveyed in Pune before.

View Prices and Features

Force Motors’ electric bicycle Tork Kratos has been presented as a native bicycle, which requires no outside parts or manforce from planning to assembling. This electric was sent off on 26 January this year, with flow costs going from Rs 1.22 lakh to Rs 1.37 lakh (after endowments).

The Torque Kratos has a battery scope of up to 180 km on a solitary charge and a maximum velocity of up to 105 kmph. Energetic and sharp looking bicycle, this bicycle has numerous extraordinary highlights including 4.4 inch TFT screen, cell phone network, adaptive front forks, back monoshock, circle brake.

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