Shares of Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Hero MotoCorp, TVS Motor, and other automakers are in the spotlight after sales figures for April.

On Tuesday morning, original equipment makers will tell how many cars they sold. This will draw attention to the stocks of automakers.Maruti Suzuki India’s sales went up by 7%, Tata Motors’ total sales went down by 4%, and Hero MotoCorp’s April sales went down by 5%. Eicher Motors said its sales were up 18% from the year before, while TVS Motor said its sales were up 4%.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki India said that it sold 1,60,529 cars last month. The company, which is based in Delhi, said that its total domestic sales were 1,39,519, OEM sales were 4,039, and total exports were 16,971. In April of last year, Maruti sent out 1,50,661 cars. The world’s biggest car company said it had a shortage of electronic parts and might do everything it could to lessen the effect.

Reuters reported that Maruti Suzuki said it thinks chip problems will get better in the second quarter. It said that a company official said the shortage, which hurt the company’s production in April, will continue through the current quarter, which ends in June.

Tata Motors

On Monday, Tata Motors said how many cars they sold in April. In April, sales of commercial vehicles went down, but sales of passenger cars went up. But in April, the total number of local sales went down.

In April, Tata Motors sold 69,599 cars in the domestic and foreign markets. This is 4% less than in April 2022, when they sold 72,468 cars.

Tata Motors, on the other hand, has raised the prices of its passenger cars starting May 1. In April, it sent out a notice about the rate hike. Based on the model and variant, the weighted average rise was 0.6%, as said in the statement.

Hero MotoCorp is a company.

The biggest motorbike and scooter maker in the world said it sold 3,96,107 units in April, which is 5% less than in April of the previous year when it sold 4,18,622 units. The company that makes motorcycles said it thinks momentum will pick up in the coming months because of a number of factors, such as the release of a lot of new products, a healthy growth in the country’s GDP, and positive customer mood.

Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors’ sales went up 18% year over year, from Rs 62,155 units to Rs 73,136 units. The number of units sold for models with engines up to 350cc went up by 25%, to 64,728. However, the number of units sold for models with engines bigger than 350cc went down by 21%, to 8,408 units. In international business, the number of units sold fell by 49%, to 4,255.

The TVS Motor

TVS Motor Company said that its sales went up by 4% in April, from 2,95,308 units to 3,06,224 units. Two-wheeler sales grew by 5%, from 280,022 units a year ago to 2,94,786 units. Motorcycle sales rose 10 per cent to 1,52,365 units from 1,39,027 units. Scooter sales went up by 5%, from 1,02,209 units to 1,07,496 units. With the TVS iQube electric car, the company has sold a million cars, which is a big deal.

“In April 2023, TVS iQube Electric sold 6,227 units, compared to 1,420 units in April 2022. output for April 2023 was limited because of the switch to AIS156 and problems with the supply chain. TVS Motor is sure that output will pick up from the month of

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